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Adventures In Baby Signing


Adventures In Baby Signing


Everything you need to teach your baby sign language – in ONE parent-friendly package. The perfect combination of videos & printable teaching tools to give you the support and simplicity busy parents need.

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Everything You Need to Teach Your Baby Sign Language – in ONE Parent-Friendly Package

The perfect combination of videos & printable resources to give you the support and simplicity busy parents need.

Here’s what you get:

  • Quick Start Guide & Quiz Yourself Checklists
  • Printable Posters (9 pages)
  • Video Dictionary (54+ core signs)
  • Signing Activities (Learn additional 50+ signs)

Baby sign language is an essential early communication & language building tool for all new parents, but especially if…

  • You want your child to be able to share their thoughts and feelings with you, 1-2 years before they learn to talk.
  • You’d like to give your non-verbal child a ‘voice’ so they can communicate without crying, whining or tantrums.
  • You want to address your baby’s needs quickly (helping you both feel happier and less frustrated throughout your daily activities)
  • You want mealtimes to go more smoothly (rather than struggling to get your child to eat)
  • You’d like to the opportunity to ‘peek’ inside your baby’s mind as they are exploring the world around them (you’ll be surprised at what your baby chooses to share with you!)
  • You want to build a strong healthy bond with your child.
  • You want your child to develop self-confidence and feel more secure about their place in the family.
  • You’d love to jump start speech and help your child develop a larger spoken vocabulary. (Fun fact! Signing children typically speak sooner than non-signing children, AND develop a larger spoken vocabulary early on.)

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