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Snuggle Fleece Infant Car Seat Cover

$69.00 $59.00

Winter Car Seat Cover - Vintage Vanessa
Winter Car Seat Cover
Winter Car Seat Cover - Mimi

Snuggle Fleece Infant Car Seat Cover

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5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

$69.00 $59.00

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When its cold or windy outside what do you do? You throw a blanket over your infant car seat handle, but it never works. The blanket keeps falling off, cold air blows through, you don’t have a firm grip on the handle, and you can’t see what your baby is doing.

The Snuggle Fleece Infant Car Seat Cover is a simple SOLUTION…

  • No more fumbling with blankets or bulky seat liners to keep your baby warm, dry and protected.
  • The snuggle fleece infant car seat cover creates a private nap time environment while eating out or taking a walk.
  • Continue living your on-the-go lifestyle and create a protected at-home feeling for your baby.
  • The sunggle fleece infant car seat cover fits over ALL standard infant car seats!

The Sunggle Fleece Car Seat Cover is FUNCTIONAL…

  • Sure fit in the front and back. No more fumbling with blankets or bulky seat liners!
  • Elastic opening for a sure grip on your infant car seat handle.
  • Window flaps in the front and back. Button it up or flap it down. The window holes create easy access to baby and sufficient air circulation.
  • Side cargo pockets are found on both sides of the snuggle fleece infant car seat cover. Throw in your keys, wallet, diaper/wipes, teething ring, or whatever else you need for a quick trip. Run in without lugging your huge diaper bag.
  • Loose sides provide great circulation.

The Snuggle Fleece Car Seat Cover was designed for modern families…

  • Function is critical, but so is design!
  • Snuggle Fleece infant car seat covers come in Super Cute designs for the ‘awwwww…how cute’ reaction.

1 review for Snuggle Fleece Infant Car Seat Cover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    D. Wakelin

    I received this as a baby gift…originally I thought this was a basic carseat canopy…ITS SO MUCH MORE AND BETTER. unlike most canopy’s that just drape over this one has elastic and snuggly fits around the bottom, keeping the wind/snow out while still keeping some warmth in as it is fleece lined…but I have to say the best thing about this are the pockets on either side. THEY ARE DEEP! Instead of always taking my diaper bag I often just put the change pad, some diapers, wipes in one side, and a receiving blanket on the other with still room for my wallet, cell phone, and keys. Love this! and highly recommend.

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